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No plans to unveil a new Nintendo Switch this year

Gamers who are waiting for a cheaper, kid-proof Nintendo Switch, have a bad news. The company does not have any intensions to reveal a cheaper Nintendo Switch at the E3 this year. Shuntaro Furukawa, the CEO at Nintendo talked about the upcoming hardware while an interaction with the reporters.

The CEO said, “As a general rule, we’re always working on new hardware and we will announce it when we are able to sell it”. Furukawa added that they do not have any plans to announce that at this year’s E3 in June, 2019. The comments by the CEO have refuted the earlier reports that had suggested a new and more affordable Switch that would be released by the end of June, 2019. Technically speaking, it could have been revealed later in the month after the E3 but that now seems unlikely.

Apart from a cheaper Switch, a more powerful Switch console was also rumoured for some time. In recent times, a leading daily reported that even a powerful Switch console was no longer on cards, but hinted that a modest update could be out later in 2019. Whatever, the case may be, one thing is sure that Nintendo surely needs some kind of a new hardware so as to continue the momentum of Switch.

The company has so far sold 34.74 million consoles till date which is surely an impressive figure to reach. It shifted to just 2.47 million last quarter which was down from 2.93 million a year back. Some of the new games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and others are likely to help drive the hardware sales, but only for those who do not already own a Switch. The Japan based company has its headquarters in Kyoto and is one of the world’s largest video game companies by market capitalization.

Photo Credits: Extreme Tech

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