YouTube Music reaches 15 million users after one year of launch

youtube music

A new report has observed that when compared to YouTube TV, YouTube Music could not manage to find critical acclaim or the relative market success. A year after launch YouTube Music now has 15 million subscribers. The report added that Google’s paid music services have grabbed 15 million subscribers. The figure includes, YouTube Music Premium and Play Music since a subscription to one provides access to the other, at least until the other service is deprecated.

The figure also includes the subscribers who have rolled in for promotional trials. The YouTube Music was rebranded in May, 2018 and was launched alongside YouTube Premium. Subscribers of Music Premium get ad-free playback, background streaming as well as offline capabilities at $9.99 per month. On the other hand Apple Music has 50 million paying users and Spotify is in the lead with 100 million. However, the Google Video service would not confirm the 15 million figure but it revealed that subscriptions to paid YouTube Music and YouTube Premium grew 60% over the one year period that ended in March.

It is important for YouTube to make money from the 2 billion monthly users and is a lucrative contribution to the bottom-line. While talking about unique differentiation, YouTube Music does not have a standout feature like Spotify has excellent Discover Weekly playlists. On the other hand Apple Music is preloaded on the iOS devices and has struck many carrier partnerships.

It was observed that YouTube Music has been trying to promote live performances as last seen by Coachella 2019. The service was front and centre in that branding with more than 82 million live views during the first weekend. The company is now also planning to partner to stream Lollapalooza this August. The service also offers a premium tier, that enables ad-free playback along with downloading songs for offline playback and audio-only background playback.

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