Intel introduces laptops with tablet features

Gadget Herald: American semiconductor chip making giant Intel has recently revealed a new range of laptops that will also include the features of a tablet. Intel had revealed the Ultrabook class, the UX series at the Computex in Taipei.

The chip manufacturer also said that the other manufacturers would launch their models by the end of this year at the range of $1,000. The Ultrabooks are said to be light in weight but will be high on its processors.

Tom Kilroy, the senior vice president at the Intel had said that the model is likely to take up 40 percent of the laptop sales by the end of 2012. Kilroy has assured that the new device would be much more responsive and always on and connected, which would be very similar to the iPad.

Mooly Eden the vice president of Intel had said that the Ultrbooks would attract an entirely new section of consumers. Eden added that it may initially seem like a laptop, but after it is opened, it will look and feel like a tablet. The vice president had also confessed that they are late on the tablet market, but are definitely not a failure. Eden assured that they are putting in their best efforts to catch up with the tablets.

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