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Nintendo giving free upgrade of new Switch to owners of version 2


What if you buy a product, just to know that the company has launched a newer version of it the very next day. Gaming giant Nintendo has acknowledged the pain and if anyone has purchased the original version of Switch, after July 17, the company will swap it for the newer version. The consumer will have to pay just for the return shipping. One of the Reddit users had discovered the unofficial offer, who had reached out to Nintendo with hopes of swapping the Switch that they had bought on the launch day with the recently updated version.

The new updated version has a better battery life with an improved processor and even minor screen improvements. The representative from Nintendo added that unfortunately only the Switch owners who purchased the console after July 17, 2019 will only be eligible for the replacement. Nintendo will be paying for shipping the replacement while the customer will have to bear the cost of shipping the old unit back. One of the YouTube user also uploaded a recording of their call with a Nintendo representative, who can be heard confirming the ability to upgrade the freshly purchased Switch.

More Reddit users have shared the stories of similar success while reaching out to Nintendo support in US as well as Canada. But many have been informed that they have to include proof of purchase and that the older units will simply be returned if the criteria are not properly met. Nintendo has also told its customers that any save game data will be permanently lost for those doing an exchange. The news can be disturbing for some of the gamers as many of the eligible customers have been enjoying the Switches for almost a month from the specified cutoff date, but a free upgrade is still hard to argue with.

No matter what, a switch for the new Switch is definitely going to be worth it.

Photo Credits:  Polygon

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