YouTube originals to be free to watch from September 24


Video streaming site YouTube had earlier this year promised that it will make its original shows available to the public as ad-supported programming. For now it is exclusive to paying Premium members at the moment. The Google subsidy has kept its promise and making all the original series, movies and live events released on September 24, and beyond accessible to the non-paying members.

At the same time Premium subscribers will still enjoy better viewing experience. The will not have to sit through any ads and they will get immediate access to every episode on a show’s new season. Moreover, they are the only ones who can enjoy the director’s cuts and bonus scenes whenever they are available. Meanwhile, the non-paying members will have to wait for every episode in a series to be released to the public.

Still that is not a bad compromise for people who do not want to pay $12 a month and watch the platform’s original programs. YouTube now also has a handful of new features to Premium subscription. There is a new ‘Recommended downloads’ section in the app’s library tab that can make it easier to find interesting videos to download.

The users can now switch between a song and a music video with the tap of a button. And now Android users can also automatically download up to 500 songs from their Liked Songs List and other playlists.

Photo Credits: PCMag

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