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Amazon to launch its game streaming service in 2020


E-commerce giant Amazon might soon expect to step in to the gaming sector and might announce its own game streaming service in 2020. Reports say that Amazon might launch the service by Christmas 2020. The news has not been confirmed but sources familiar with the development have talked about it. The launch of the game streaming service would mark a competition for the already existing giants like Microsoft, Google and Sony.

Some of the earlier rumours suggested that the e-commerce company is working on a streaming service and recent reports claim that it is now preparing for an announcement. Recent reports also mentioned that the company for the gaming purpose has been hiring talent from the major game firms like Microsoft. There are also job listings for the latest initiative with the Amazon Web Services team and it is likely to be for the upcoming streaming service. Some reports claim that Amazon will be integrating the service to Twitch along with some of its other businesses.

Market analysts have predicted that Amazon might make an announcement by the end of 2019. It is true that Amazon has been looking out for various potentials in the gaming sector in the past decade and has received mixed results. The Amazon Games Studio has been able to produce just a few titles till date and they are mostly mobile games meant for the Amazon App store.

On the other hand search engine giant Google launched its own streaming service known as Stadia earlier this week and was announced in March 2019. Even Xbox continues to work on the preview version of the Project xCloud. It had recently launch more titles and will be launched in more markets in 2020. Even Sony has a successful streaming service after it had acquired Gaikai. The PlayStation Now majorly operates in the background but now it has improved by efforts in terms of price cuts and time-limited marquee games.

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