The Mandalorian on Disney+ fails the HDR test on YouTube channel


The latest technology that displays rich-media content is the HDR that stands for High Dynamic Range. It delivers high quality content and there are a few ways by which the actual quality of the content running around can be judged. Sometimes it can be noticed and a few times it cannot be. But the HDTVTest YouTube Channel can be like a watchdog which is known for conducting quality analysis of the HDR content in the media segments including, TV shows, games and films. The channel found that the Mandalorian on Disney+ is the latest show that claims to be in HDR content but actually falls in the SDR content that is wrapped in the HDR package.

The worst part is that the show does not have any of the benefits of HDR and additionally comes with many downfalls. For instance, the users might even want to disable the HDR on the television while viewing. The market has many HDR models that have the ability to display HDR quality content with highlights around 800-1,200 cd/m2 in terms of brightness from black, which makes the HDR possible. With the help of such a wide range of brightness, the content looks realistic and the visuals that are displayed show a perfect blend of bright and dark portions with the best display of colors.

The HDTVTest has become one of the most common ways of testing HDR content and in terms of The Mandalorian, the channel tested each portion of the screen and found that at no point, the content that Disney+ has claimed as HDR, does not even come closer to it. The channel has claimed that the streaming service has put up the SDR content with a wrap of HDR.

There is also a possibility that Disney+ might not be interested in changing its aesthetic importance. Whatever the case may be, the users are surely disappointed and wish to experience actual HDR.

Photo Credits:Engadget

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