Jack Dorsey says no to Edit tweet button


Every time Twitter has rolled out a new feature, there are a few questions which surface from the users but the answers are usually controversial. CEo Jack Dorsey always has something different for the users. Many of the users ask something they should not but the most common question from them is around the edit button. This has not existed since the beginning. Twitter users expect that the company should introduce an edit button so they can edit their words even after it has been posted and sent out.

Earlier, the question used to be dodged very conveniently with no answer at all, or by an assurance that the company is working in to it. But this time things went different and during a question and answer session with WIRED Dorsey opened up about many things and also revealed that the bird in the logo was named Larry and was after the former Boston Celtic Larry Bird. Talking about the edit button, Dorsey was clear about it and said no to an edit button.

There was a time when Tweets were send through SMS. Dorsey remembered those days and explained that during the SMS days, when the user sends an SMS, there is no way you can get it back and edit it. The CEO added that they wish to keep that vibe and feel of SMS live from the early days. Twitter has surely progressed since the early days, but the CEO stressed that the uneditable nature of the posts would continue to remain as it is on the platform. This is the reason, the company wants the users to Tweet without any fear and unedited.

The CEO also assured that it is considering more fix designs so it compensates the lack of an edit button. For instance, there is no way the posts can be corrected for spelling mistakes or errors which have been caused accidentally without deleting the Tweet completely.

Photo Credits: CBS news

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