Google to release update for Chrome to block cross-site tracking


Google’s browser Chrome has always been on the radar of the critics while questioning about its security and how safe it is to use and depend on it with the vital information. But since then the makers of the browser have tried its best to send updates and fix the small bugs. The search engine is now all set to roll out a new version of the browser that will prevent the cross-site tracking starting from February 4, 2020. It was during the mid- 2019 when Google said that it will be working on a feature that will deal with the security issues that are caused by the vulnerabilities of cookies like there could be an illegal fund transfer or accounts could be hijacked.

Such situations will soon be avoided with the help of Chrome 80 as it will enforce a new secure-by-default cookie classification system. It is the small filed that the browser stores from the websites and the web developers will be able to show how the cookies behave with the SameSite attribute. This means that the browser will be designed in such a way that it will access cookies only when their URL matches with the URL in the address bar. It will also lookout for the Safe HTTP methods that are being used by the destination website.

It has to be noticed that using the attribute is optional and without that, the cookies would be able to automatically track the users across the sites that have been visited. The developers will now indicate the cookies with the help of SameSite attribute or the search engine will automatically switch the settings with an option that has better security.

The fresh changes are not expected to be made before later in February as a small portion of users are accepting the changes gradually. This will also be a fresh security for the browser users.

Photo Credits:  techspot

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