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BlackBerry to be Android capable soon?

Gadget Herald: Research In Motion is now planning to introduce the app player engine in to upcoming generation of handsets. This would provide phones as well as the tablets with Android capability.

The reports have not been confirmed officially, but the news was leaked out from the people who had refused to reveal their identity. The QNX based handsets will be introduced by next year.

The phones are expected to get Android capability which will allow the applications that are developed for Google’s platform and will be run by RIM. RIM, in the month of March, had confirmed that it would be shipping the software for the PlayBook tablet that would enable it to run the Android applications.

Even though the phones will have the Android compatibility, RIM will not embrace the Google Marketplace. It will just be another way for the developers to create applications and distribute them through the RIM’s app world. PlayBook has been launched since a year, but the tablet is still lacking applications. The reason behind this is due to the native SDK allows the developers to use C++ and optimized graphics acceleration, in place of relying on AIR environment and Adobe flash.

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