Skype adds blur feature for iOS that will hide messy things in background


This pandemic saw majority of people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic situation across the globe. One of the major challenges that people faced during this time was working from home. There were a number of issues that had cropped up like improper communication and the need for not disclosing the background as it used to be a mess. Microsoft has come up with a solution for the same and has introduced a background blur feature for Skype for the iOS app.

The feature is similar to that what is found on the company’s Team app. It allows the iPhone and the iPad users to blur what is at the background of a video call. The feature to blur the background during a video call on Skype was added to the desktop version in 2019. Microsoft in order to make this practical has made use of the artificial intelligence tech that helps to blur everything that is in the room and keeps the user the main focus point. The blur feature is bokeh and is able to detect arms, hair and hands and will also avoid blurring out the key body language during the video calls.

It has to be clarified that the feature will not blur everything that is around the user, but will certainly help to improve the video call so the focus remains on the user and not at the things at the background. Reports say that search engine giant Google will also be adding the blur feature to the Meet video conferencing service at a time when it has become important to communicate through a video call for business and meetings purpose.

Microsoft is also taking measures to improve its Team communications app that will serve the group of friends and family. It will also continue to support and update its Skype service which is today one of the important means of communication amidst the pandemic.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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