Amazon adds new features to Voice assistant Alexa


The Amazon personal assistant Alexa has been popular among the users. The assistant has now become even more interesting after the company has added a few features to it. The Amazon Echo Voice Assistant is not even more conversational. The month of September, 2020 has brought some interesting features to it. There are better privacy settings and the users will no longer have to keep repeating the wake word ‘Alexa’ every time.

Amazon understood that repeating the wake word for every single task can be a little frustrating. Now the users can turn on the conversational mode and the user can tell Alexa to join the conversation. The beauty of it is that multiple people can be a part of the conversation with the voice assistant without having the need of saying the wake word. You can now also tech Alexa some new tricks. This is known as interactive teaching. If Alexa is not sure or does not know what you are asking her to do, then it can ask you to teach.

For instance, if you tell Alexa to set the bedroom light to wind-down mode and it asks “I don’t know what wind-down mode is. Can you teach me?” This is when you can tell the voice assistant that wind-down mode means to dim the lights. Next time Alexa will know what to do. Users can now delete all the conversations that they had with Alexa. The feature was added in 2019 and now it can be done with just one command. The user has to just say “Alexa, delete everything that have ever said.”

Earlier the user had to delete all the conversations by going to the privacy settings. Now the voice assistant will also be able to help the user to review the privacy settings. Alexa will help the users by taking them to the ‘review your privacy settings’ tab and allow them to make changes in voice history, smart home devices, detecting sounds and so on.

Photo Credits: CIO

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