AirPods Pro 2 could come in multiple sizes


Cupertino based giant Apple successfully launched the AirPods Max earpods, but now it seems that the company is already working on the next edition known as the AirPods Pro. With the launch of the new device, it will be the first time the device could be launched in multiple sizes. Although nothing has been confirmed, but the leaked information has come out from a reliable source.

Leaker Mr. White has posed a few pictures on Twitter of the AirPods Pro 2 components that has shown a compact design in a number of sizes. It has also been claimed by the source that the upcoming AirPods Pro would feature W2 Chips instead of the H1 wireless chips. They are used to power the current AirPods Pro. Another statement has hinted that the upcoming models will only be available in black as Mr. White has said that “AirPods are not suitable for black”. However the earlier models were also available in white only.

No matter what the future stands for, the idea of offering a number of sizes seems promising as a good fit, will result in good delivery of sound and optimum audio quality to the users. It will also ensure proper functioning of the noise cancelling performance. At present, the AirPods Pro are offered with three pairs of eat tips of different sizes (small, medium and large). The ear tips help to adjust the fit to a certain extent. A gadgets reviewer has also opined that if the earbuds are available in different sizes, then that will be a more meaningful option.

Apart from the fact that the upcoming device would be available in different sizes, there are also reports that the upcoming device could have a more compact design. This could mean that the size of AirPod Pro’s stem could be reduced. But it is still not confirmed that such designs could actually make it to the final retail models.

Photo Credits: 9to5Mac

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