Dell unveils webcam prototype with magnets to stick on screen


The much awaited annual tech event Consumer Electronics Show is all set to begin from January 5, 2022 that will showcase some of the big tech giants from across the globe while showcasing their respective products and services. While the tech event is just round the corner, tech giant Dell has previewed a set of its products, that it always does at this time of the year. The company has showed off the prototypes of its Concept Flow, Concept Stanza and Concept Pari.

Out of the three devices the Pari is a wireless camera prototype that has the ability to magnetically attach to a screen that is compatible. This means that it can be placed at an eye level while the user is in a Zoom meeting with their colleagues. The device helps to provide a natural gaze as they talk and also allows the users to keep their scripts behind the camera in a set up that looks similar to a teleprompter. However, the catch is that the magnets do not work with any standard monitor. It has to be used with the one that has got magnets built in.

The webcam is perfect for the people who continue to work from home and sits perfectly on top of the monitor. It can also be removed, if the user wants a different angle and can be wirelessly charged. Another good feature of the cam is that it can be flipped around when the user wants some privacy. It also comes with a stand that can turn in to an overhead camera for top-down shots.

Although the device seems intriguing, but is still just a prototype. It has an onboard microphone and the cradle uses USB-C for charging. Since the company is not ready to sell the device, no information is given about its battery life. With the above information, Dell surely seems ambitious about its products for future.

Photo Credits: YouTube

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