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Samsung will allow users of Galaxy Fold to replace their screens once for $149

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The Galaxy Fold by the South Korean giant Samsung is all set to be once again available for purchase in the US and will retail for $1980. There was a time when the company faced a backlash from some of the users who criticized on how delicate the device was and now Samsung is careful and is all set to avoid another trouble. Many of the users were also annoyed on the numerous cautions and measures while handling the dove like Fold. Now Samsung announced that it will allow a one-time screen replacement for just $149.

As reported before, Samsung has worked well on the redesign of its foldable device and has now offered to cover a screen protector, so that the users do not peel it out. The screen protector also helps to reduce the gap when the device is closed. Covers have been added to camouflage and better protection on the inside portion. Now the gadget enthusiasts, who wish to purchase the new Galaxy Fold will have to walk to the retail store after an appointment.

The South Korean giant has earlier made it clear that the Fold will be available in limited quantity and that it will not ship the device to any of the buyers. The reason behind this is that the company wants the users to come and experience the device personally and understand what are the needs, dos and donts of the Fold. The device cannot be blindly turned on by just switching on the power button as there are a number of things to look after as a precaution.

The screen of the Fold has many layers that are tissue thin. Below the layers there is a black paper  that has mentioned about the Premier Service. The company does not provide any special warranties except  the regular one-year warranty and off-course the option to replace the screen for $149. But the customer will have just one chance to replace the screen for that amount and for those who buy the device before December 31, 2019

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