Instagram to remove IGTV button from home screen

Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites owned by Facebook. The social network is now all set to remove the IGTV shortcut button which is found on the top right corner of the home screen. For those who do not know about IGTV, it is a video service feature that was launched on Instagram in June, 2018, and was expected to compete with the other giant like YouTube. But now the makers of the app have decided to take away the button for the reason that it has not had much hits since its launch.

It is said that majority of the users find the IGTV content with the help of the previews on the feed, creator’s profile, IGTV channel and the standalone app. Not many users are actually clicking the IGTV icon that has been placed on the right top corner of the home screen on the app next to the direct message icon. However, after the button is removes, the users of Instagram will have to take a little more efforts to find the IGTV content. However, the standalone IGTV app will continue to exist, but even that does not remains a good idea for the users as it is known for consuming more data.

Millions of users prefer to download from the rival video platform Tik Tok. This is the reason, why the photo sharing site is giving less importance to the standalone service. At the same time users can now post IGTV videos with the help of the same interface as they use it for the main feed. This is not the first time, but Instagram has been struggling to grab the attention of its users towards its the video service since the beginning.

But the service failed to grab attention and is not able to provide the same revenue share that is given by the rival YouTube. The creators have also complained that the brands did not offer sponsored content opportunities as they do for the main Instagram posts.

Photo Credits: Search engine journal

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