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Sony to launch upgrade for PlayStation 5 for additional storage


Sony launched its PlayStation 5console in November, 2020 and is now all set to open up for storage upgrades this summer. The upcoming upgrade for the PlayStation 5 console will allow the gamers to have more space for some of the heavy duty games. Till now the gamers were able to have only a few of the big and popular games on their consoles, and the upgrade will help them to push its limits.

Support is expected to add to the additional drives that will enable a firmware update that will also open up higher cooling-fan speeds which will ensure that the console does not get overheated. However, the plans for the upgrade are not yet confirmed and official and people with the knowledge of the progress have given out the information on the condition of anonymity. For now the PlayStation 5 comes with a solid-state drive with a capacity of 667 GB that can be used for storing games, apps and media. The latest news has surely come at the right time when the latest game Call of Duty needs nearly 133 GB of installation space.

Even some of the big titles in the gaming space need at least 40 GB each. The PS5 by Sony has a customized built that increases the loading and processing time but it is not possible to add and external hard drive. It is the regular way, the gamers add additional storage space. Such drives can only be used for some of the older PS4 games. After the fresh firmware has been updated, the gamers will only have to take out the plastic cover from the PS5 and add a new storage unit that will help to add more storage to the console.

A spokesperson from Sony confirmed that they are working to enable M.2 SSD Storage extension for the PlayStation 5 but denied to give a timeline. The PS5 has been in high demand ever since it was launched in November, 2021.

Photo Credits: Highsnobeity

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