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PlayStation 5 players can soon share captures and clips through PS App


An official announcement was made by the console manufacturer Sony on February 23, 2022 that was related to the PlayStation 5. The users of the PlayStation 5 will hereafter be getting more flexibility on the way they share their game captures. Game captures allow the users to take a screen shot to mark their significant victory or a funny moment. It also includes capturing of a short video clip. Sony said that the ability to share the captures would be gradually rolled out.

The captures can be shared through the PlayStation App in more regions. The ability to share the captures is currently only available in Canada and Japan and now it is all set to be launched in the United States. More regions are expected to have the feature soon. The PS app will be allowing the gamers to scroll through the clips, watch then and even download them on their mobile devices. They can also post them on social media sites and the best part is that it does not require a PlayStation Plus membership.

The company in an FAQ clarified that the captures are stored for 14 days on the Cloud servicers of SIE so they can be available through the PlayStation App. The feature to share captures is ideal to share the competitive moments, victories and goofy moments with your fellow gaming colleagues and friends.

With the feature coming to more regions it will become easier for the gamers to navigate and share their clips. Although it is not mandatory but the feature is good to have, especially for those who would love to share a silly or a victorious moment with their friends. Although till now, the gamers could have done the same but only through some of the third party help. Sony is expected to release more details as to which regions will have access to the feature. But it will be the United States first to have access to the capturing feature.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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