Amazon Prime Day might not be very lucrative for customers


E-commerce giant Amazon’s Prime Day event has kicked off on June 22, 2021. Some of the other major retailers like Walmart have also pitched in their offers in terms of sales. However, market researchers have opined that this time the discounts that are being offered by Amazon might not hit the expectations of the buyers like it has always does before the holidays.

Research firm, Adobe mentioned that the discounts that are offered for the customers during the Prime Day are usually below 10 percent. But when it is compared to the annual Cyber Monday sale that happens after Thanksgiving, the discounts offered then are much deeper. But still, that will not make the buyers stay away from the sale and would indeed make them peep in to what is displayed on the shelves. It has also been observed that 6 out of 10 Americans said that they would shop during the Prime Day sale this year.

As the pandemic continues, but the governments are easing out restrictions, the Americans have started to spend like never before at retailers, restaurants and other businesses. Majority of the people participating in the survey said that they would be spending their money at the shopping event. The Prime Day sales is expected to surpass the figures that were seen in 2020. The categories that could score better are expected to be electronics and toys. It has been noticed that there was not much discount offered in the sports segment as it manages to survive even if it does not offer any discounts.

Prime Day was first started by Amazon in 2015 and is scheduled every year in July. But the schedule saw a change since 2020 when the pandemic had hit. In 2020, the Prime Day event was shifted to October. One of the reasons Amazon avoided the month of July is due to the 2021 Olympics which is ready to kick off in Japan.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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