Microsoft preparing Windows 11 for post pandemic world


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lifestyles of the majority of people across the globe. Things like wearing a mask, social distancing and staying at home measures were termed under the phrase ‘new normal’. Very soon it is expected that even the devices of the future would be changed as per the current circumstances and convenience. Software giant Microsoft is about to announce about a new version of its Windows software on June 24, 2021. It will have new features that would be designed for the life in the modern age.

Windows 11 will have new upgrades including a new look with a pastel color scheme and rounded corners. The users will be able to watch the widget programs that will inform about the weather and will also help to track a package that has been dispatched. The iconic star menu that is typically placed on the left side of the screen with a task bar at the bottom, will now be placed at the middle. Even the app icons will be placed in the centre and will look more like a smartphone and a tablet.

But the major changes would be made by Microsoft to suit for the new world as people are no longer working in their offices and are working at home with limited resources and on their personal computer. Microsoft will now be focusing on making features for people who are working at home and office. But the biggest changes expected to be made will not be disclosed.

Microsoft is expected to bring changes as per the new world where people are no longer working in the office and are spending majority of the time working from home with minimum resources. The latest trend would be the ability to work from anywhere. This will be something that would make the employees more efficient as well as independent. It is the software that incredibly helps people in terms of work.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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