Philips Hue brand launches Philips Smart LED bulbs


An official announcement has been made about the Philips Smart LED bulbs. Signify, the owner of the Philips Hue brand made the announcement and the fresh line up is actually an acquisition of Wiz by Signify made in 2019. It will have the Wiz Connected logo on the blue packaging that will help it to differentiate from the Hue products. A similar collection was launched in the United States the Home Depot store under the name Philips WiFi LED during the same time in 2020.

Signify during a press conference clarified that they have tested the number of abilities of the Philips smart LED brands with the consumers. The clarification seemed essential as the Zigbee-based Philips Hue smart LED bulbs are not compatible with the WiFi based Philips Smart LED bulbs. During the launch in Europe there are going to be 36 products that will include individual bulbs and multi-packs that would be launched under the Philips Smart LED.

Signify has also said that the customers will be able to buy the Philips Smart LED bulbs from September 3, 2021 from majority of the retailers who already sell the regular LED bulbs. The company also sells several Wiz-branded lights and accessories but its availability depends by region. The interesting part about Wiz lighting collection is that it also includes color and temperature-changing bulbs in all sizes, lightstrips, decorative filaments and luminaries.

The accessories by Wiz include remotes, smart plugs, motion sensors and in-wall dimmers. A few more items have been added that include the Wiz Hero Gen 2 and Squire table lamps, its first smart plug, slim ceiling light and an embedded power meter. The power meter allows the users to monitor the energy consumption through the Wiz app and it is all set to be launched in Europe and the United States on October 1, 2021. Wiz connected bulbs can also be found under the Great Value brand Liteline and 4Lite in UK.

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