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Microsoft Xbox gamers could control the dashboard with a TV remote

Software giant Microsoft is currently testing the capacity of the TV remotes that will be able to navigate across the Xbox dashboard. For the experiment, new versions of the Xbox dashboard for Xbox Series S/X consoles are tested. It will be the HDMI-CEC technology that will allow the ordinary TV remote controls to navigate the Xbox dashboard and also control some of the streaming apps like Netflix.

It can be noted that the Xbox Series S / X consoles feature the same HDMI-CEC that control the volume and turn on the TVs when the Xbox is booted up. The fresh additions would mean that the gamers will not have to reach the Xbox controller in case they want to watch any content from the other platforms like Twitch, Netflix and YouTube. The HDMI-CEC feature also includes an option that allows the TV to Switch input to the Xbox by just hitting the Xbox button on the controller.

The gamers might already have the a TV remote for the Xbox that makes use of the infrared commands but an addition of the HDMI-CEC control will enhance the experience of the users and enable the switching more reliable. The fresh options can now be found at the settings of the HDMI-CEC which is a part of the Xbox dashboard. It is at present available for the testers Alpha Xbox Insider and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings.

The fresh features are expected to be launched to all the Xbox Series S / X consoles in the upcoming months. Microsoft is currently busy testing the Edge browser, a higher resolution dashboard, an Xbox night feature and improved firmware. It is also working on features for some of the older Xbox One controllers. The entire console and tech industry is currently suffering from the semi-conductor shortage. To deal with the problem, the companies have now started to make their own chips and not depend on the generic ones.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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