Nokia launches its first tablet T20


Finnish mobile manufacturer HMD Global which is branded as Nokia Mobile has launched its first tablet known as the Nokia T20 that could be a challenge to the Apple’s iPad. The device was unveiled on October 6, 2021. As per HMD Global, the tablet runs on Android operating system by Google and has a 10.4 inch 2K display with a massive 8,200 milliapp-hour battery.

The company has claimed that the device offers 15 hours of usage on a full charge. To make it more exciting for the power users, HMD has claimed that it will support 10 hours of video streaming on some of the platforms like Netflix and YouTube. The T20 tablet also comes with some of the family-friendly features including the Google Kids also has a ‘kids mode’ that shows just the safe content to the children along with ‘Family Link’ a system that gives parental controls. The starting price of the T20 is 199 euros in Europe and $249.99 in the United States.

The device comes in two options – 4G connectivity and the one that has only WiFi support. The T20 that has 4G connectivity is priced at 239 euros. However, the company has not yet spoken about the release date and its availability. The company making the device is mainly owned by the former Nokia executive Jean-Francois Baril. It has Nokia, Qualcomm and Google has investors. Over the years, the company has launched a number of smartphones along with phones that do not have touch-screen. Some of the significant launched by Nokia include the Nokia 8110 also known as the ‘banana phone’ and the Nokia 3310. The 8810 had also featured in the film The Matrix.

But now it seems like HMD is focusing on the demand of tablets as working from home and remote learning has become a trend and a necessity during the coronavirus pandemic. The global tablet sales had increased during 2020 for the first time in six years.

Photo Credits: Techadvisor

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