Instagram to allow users to post from desktop


Social networking giant Instagram is ready to launch one of the most awaited features. The photo sharing site will soon allow the users to post pictures and videos directly from the browser, instead of depending on the phone app. The new feature is all set to be launched on a global level in the upcoming week.

For many years, users of Instagram have been requesting the company to add this feature and now it seems like the feature is ready and a number of users across the globe are going to rejoice over the development. However, a number of users have found their own solutions to post directly from the computer. This is possible with the help of a number of third party solutions but that never proved to be a convenience. Earlier Instagram has allowed the users to have access to the feed from the browser but that was limited for messaging and checking updates.

For many years, Instagram remained as the phone-only app, but with more competition evolving in the market, more flexible solutions had to be introduced. With TikTok being its main competitor, Instagram has announced a number of features that improve creativity. It is planning to extend its collaborative features that will make it easier to co-author posts and reels with other users. The Reels will have more music features and some added effects that include Superbeat that helps to add an effect to the video on the beats of the song. It will also have 3D lyrics that display the lyrics of the song that will be in tune with the melody.

Reports have mentioned that the ability to co-author posts and reels is currently on a test run. The users will be able to invite another account to co-author with the help of tagging. After the users accept the tag, the username of both the authors will appear in the reel.

Photo Credits: The Financial Express

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