Amazon to introduce Alexa to help patients interact with health care providers


E-commerce giant Amazon is now ready to lend a hand towards the US health system. It is all set to introduce its virtual assistant Alexa, to the hospitals. The company will be making use of the devices like the Echo Speaker and other Alexa-enabled devices at the hospital as they will be helping the patients to communicate with the health staff and control the devices in the room. Amazon made the announcement on October 25, 2021 and added that the devices would be used in the hospitals including BayCare in Florida, Boston Children’s Hospital, Cedars-Sinai in California and others.

Amazon while talking about the benefits of using the devices at the healthcare set-ups said that the staff members will not have to enter the patient’s room unnecessarily. The company said that the usage of the devices would allow to increase the productivity of the facility and would also help to conserve the medical supplies and protective equipment like gowns, masks, gloves. It would also free-up the time of the staff to provide more personalized care for patients who need help.

However, this is not the first time when the giant has entered the US health care system. It already has its footprints in its online pharmacy and the new primary care business. It was during the coronavirus pandemic when the company had trialed its Alexa-enabled devices in the health care systems across the globe including the United States. It had donated the Echo Show devices and Fire tablets that helped the patients and the healthcare workers to connect virtually.

A spokesperson from Amazon said that the hospitals had given a quick feedback that mentioned on how the trial was not designed to what the patients and the providers were asking for. With the help of the feedback, Amazon was able to tailor the solutions for hospitals and the solution providers. Features like, Drop-In functionality was added that allowed the care givers to remotely review a patient.

Photo Credits: Hit consultant

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