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RIM entice developers with Dev Alpha C unit

Research In Motion (RIM) is making some fast and furious changes to the way its business functions. Reports state that the company is orchestrating its preparations for BlackBerry 10 by revamping its app store, allowing dedicated developers to sign up for a Dev Alpha C handset, as well as inviting them to sign up for their app revenue guarantee.

RIM recently said announced that they will be a ranking criteria for developers who submit 2 or more apps to the company, allowing the top 1,500 to get their hands on Dev Alpha C device earlier than others. The BlackBerry QWERTY keypad will be featured on the Alpha C and it will give people an idea as to what to expect from the consumer handset. It will be available from February 2013.

BlackBerry is in dire need of apps for its devices and the recent move is aimed to provide just that by encouraging developers to get more involved in the company. BlackBerry has now named its app store BlackBerry World and it is said to be more in line with other popular stores from companies such as Apple and Google.

It’s possible that the new store may not only deal with apps, but may contain a variety of content like movies and music as well.

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