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RIM adds new features for BlackBerry 10 release

The launch of the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) has been delayed for a while now and is set for an early-2013 release. With the launch of the new smartphone, there are a number of features that will be enhanced by the company.  According to our sources, BB10 will be aimed at the Asian market with a focus on social networking, it will also support integrated carrier billing for the 50 carriers that will be launching the device.

Research In Motion’s (RIM) TA McCann, who is the vice president of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Social Community said that BlackBerry community was one of the most engaged features and that communication with the BB10 will become much easier. He also said that there will be emphasis on social integration with BlackBerry Hub and contacts from various social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will be able to access the Hub at any time.

McCann went on to say that the BBM will allow users to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi to other BBM friends using the BBM Voice app, as the company focuses on a better communication system.

Along with new features, the BB10 will also allow users to pay their app add-on charges on their monthly bills, this will save them time and energy. The payment platform that will be used is known as Bango and is being used with other major online retailers such as Google Play, Facebook, Amazon and other such stores.

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