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T-Mobile to launch 4G LTE-enabled devices on March 27, 2013?

There could be a variety of LTE devices being launched in the spring of 2013 by carrier T-Mobile, if reports are to be believed. This could also be a lead up to the company releasing its 4G LTE network as well. According to reports, March 27, 2013 will see the advent of the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, BlackBerry Z10 and the Sonic 2.0 LTE mobile hotspot on the carriers network. There is also rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S3 launch on April 3, 2013 or March 27, 2013.

Smartphone company BlackBerry has pinned all its hopes of survival on the BlackBerry Z10, which was released last week. Many countries have seen strong sales for the device in the short time that it has been available so far. Sellers in the UK are also seeing demand for the phone, with other service providers such as O2, Orange, EE and Vodafone registering high sales.

T-Mobile is trying to push itself as a tech-savvy carrier with the release of the 4G LTE network. The company already has a 4G (HSPA+) network which is considered by many to be as fast as a 4G network. The battle between wireless service providers will only intensify as more companies will want a share of the phone market that supports the high-speed network.

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