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T-Mobile introduces JUMP program for phone upgrade

These days, new smartphones are being launched every other month, but users can get an upgrade only every year or maybe two. International AG company T-Mobile wants to speed that upgrade process. With this in mind, the cellular company has announced a new program which is known as JUMP and it allows customers to upgrade their phones up to twice a year.


John Legere, T-Mobile CEO at a press event said, “We are going to redefine a stupid, broken and arrogant industry. Two years is too long to be locked into a phone. That’s 730 days of watching new phones come out that you cannot have.” Customers will have to pay a $10 monthly charge in the rapid upgrade cycle.

After six months, they will be able to trade in their phone for a new one and if the phone is damaged, lost or stolen, T-Mobile will give its customers a new phone under the JUMP Program. The company has also pointed out that most people pay more than $10 for insurance and protection on their devices alone.

Legere also said that the customer is covered if the phone is dropped in the toilet or if it is run over by a car. Moreover, it is also covered even if the customer just wants a new phone.

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