New touchscreen laptop being developed by Google?

Google is one company that keeps pushing its own boundaries. The internet giant has a firm hold on the easily accessible areas of the world wide web and sits in most people’s pockets due to its Android platform. Now the company is allegedly developing its Chrome-powered touchscreen laptop.

There are rumors in the media that suggest the new laptop could go on sale later in 2013 and would make use of the cloud for advanced functionality. Microsoft has long been in the PC market, which has become a shrinking playing field, thanks to the advent of a variety of touch-screen and hand-held devices. Microsoft has also made progress with touchscreen laptops, with roughly 25 percent of all Windows 8 laptops having touchscreens.

During the last quarter of 2012, Google managed to get a piece of the action in the low-cost laptop game as well. Their USD 249 and USD 199 Chromebooks sold roughly 100,000 units in the US alone during this period. With the internet giant’s experience in building operating systems like the Android, making a touchscreen device should not take much effort.

As people familiarize themselves with touchscreen devices and tablets, having a touchscreen laptop would be an easier transition to make for those who are not fully accustomed to smaller devices like tablets and smartphones.

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