Google Chromebook Pixel – Gadget review

Search giant Google has been trying to widen its presence in the hardware market. Google already has a presence in the software realm with the Android platform and various apps, but now the company is pushing its Chromebook Pixel. The machine retails for USD 1,499 and comes with quite a few handy features.

The new Chromebook Pixel comes with a 1 TB Google Drive subscription which will last for 3 years. The device can also be run off an LTE service, which provides for 100 MB/month. Apart from this, the Chromebook Pixel stands out for the fact that it self updates and relies on cloud computing as well, which makes it quite portable.

On the down-side, the battery life of the Pixel is not very good. It lasts for around 4 hours. The internal storage for the device suffers as well, as there is only 64 GB available. The necessity for internet connectivity could be a blessing and a curse. There could be times when the device is not online, but content from Google drive or other sources could be needed, this will cause problems.

Ideally this machine is for people on the go, who have a good internet connection. The device works at its best when connected to the net and will probably see some improvements with subsequent releases.

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