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Apple pushes iPhone with new advertisements

Apple has taking a step towards promoting its latest iPhone by launching new commercials on March 11, 2013, which showcase what the phone can do. The two commercials were dubbed ‘Discover’ and ‘Brilliant’ and showed that users can do various things with the phone such as tune guitars, dim lamps and solve math problems.

In the ads, a pair of hands demonstrate the iPhone’s capabilities by using a variety of apps. For example, the ‘Brilliant’ ad shows how people can use the MyScript calculator to do scientific calculations, while the Passbook app can be used to pay for a coffee.

The ‘Discover’ ad showed how a guitar can be tuned using the phone and gave a brief demo of Apple’s map app. It was shown how users could find music, restaurants and locations using various apps as well. “Discover’ also showed how users can play games on the phone and be able to zoom into pictures without losing clarity.

The ads were played to upbeat music and were less than a minute long. Apple is now trying to get an upper hand in its battle with Samsung, after the smartphone manufacturer had briefly overtaken the US-based company in terms of sales. Samsung uses the Android platform predominantly for its phones, as opposed to Apples iOS.

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