Latest Trojan Virus Geinimi Threatens Android Phones

Gadget Herald: The latest scare in the world of technology has now enveloped Android, as a new Trojan virus is threatening the Google based operating system. Experts say the virus has originated from China, and this will allow the hacker to gain access into the user’s personal data and send it to a remote server.

A Mobile security agency has said that the latest Virus has been dubbed ‘Geinimi’, and if attacks a particular cellphone then one could have to compromise a whole lot of personal data. The agency says that it is one of the most sophisticated malware that has ever struck Android based devices. Once this malware makes way into the cellphone then it starts sending commands to a remote server, after which the owner of this server is actually in control over the phone.

It is not clear as of why has someone created this malware and it that particularly attacks Android devices only, but there are doubts that it may be helping create an Android botnet. But there is a relief statement, as the malware will be attacking only those phones who are using Chinese based applications.

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