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Samsung plans to launch faster Galaxy S4

South Korean giant Samsung said that it plans to offer a new version of its Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone. The new version will be able to download data at about twice the speed compared to the current version. Samsung also said that an advanced and faster version of the GS4 model will be launched in South Korea in June 2013.


Meanwhile, the company is already in talks with various telecom companies, who will support the device in other parts of the world. However, media reports have not yet revealed when the device will be launched in the United States. The upcoming version of the smartphone will be made with the help of technology known as LTE-Advanced 4G, instead of the 4G LTE networks which is used at the moment.

The upcoming version will reduce the time that it requires to download movies from three minutes to just one minute. The new speedy device will be the latest variant of the GS4 and in recent times, the company has also revealed the versions of the GS4 which feature a smaller screen and size, along with a better camera and also a version which is built to be used outdoors.

The new rugged version is officially known as the GS4 Active and went on sale by AT&T online last week.

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