Samsung shows off laptop-tablet hybrid device

Samsung has unveiled its hybrid device known as the Ativ Book Q. The new device has been designed for those who are influenced by the ever-increasing array of computer shapes and operating systems. It is actually a device that is a laptop, as well as a tablet and runs on Windows 8 and Android software.


The new Ativ Book Q was unveiled at a Samsung event in London on June 20, 2013 and it has a screen and a keyboard. The system of hinges mean that when it is on a tablet mode, the screen folds to cover the keyboard and when it is on the PC mode, then the screen is propped on as a laptop. When the user wants to watch movies or is showing a presentation, then the screen flips right over into the stand mode.

The device is slim with just 14 mm and weighs 1.29 kg. It features a touch screen with 13.3 inches and also works with a stylus. Just one week earlier, the rival manufacturer Asus unveiled a similar hybrid device, which also runs on Microsoft and Google software.

Samsung has also confirmed the launch of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which runs on Android software and features a professional grade camera.

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