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Verizon iPhone Sales Could Swallow Up $6.5 Million Worth Revenue Of AT&T

Gadget Herald: If the Verizon iPhone actually makes it to the market, the Apple device’s sales could possibly swallow up $6.5 million worth revenue of AT&T from the US market. Investment experts state that the launch of the Apple iPhone under the wireless carrier Verizon, will boost the sales of the iPhone devices by more than $2.5 million.

If Verizon does not launch the phone, then AT&T reigns the market by selling around 17.5 million handsets by the year 2011. In all if one starts to observe the statistics, it is said that Verizon could have a total of 25 million iPhone devices in the market by the year 2011.

Apple is looking forward to provide around 9 million handsets to Verizon, which accounts almost 36% of the iPhone sales. These projections can only take place and prove profitable to Verizon, if they launch the iPhone in the month of February. Accordingly these sales will boost the share price and revenue statement of the company by the year 2011.

Source: AppleInsider

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