Samsung applies for Galaxy Gear smartwatch patent

The latest smartwatch is slowly, but surely picking up and plans for a smartwatch by the South Korean company Samsung are now becoming clearer. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently published an application for a wearable tech design which is created by the South Korean company.


The application is filed on July 29, 2013 and has requested a USPTO trademark for Samsung Galaxy Gear. The newest device has been recognised as, “Wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a wristwatch, wrist band, or bangle capable of providing access to the Internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails, and messages.”

The upcoming Galaxy Gear can be compatible with tablets, PCs and smartphones and can also provide wireless storage, transmission of data, messages and management of personal information. However, so far, it is still not clear whether it will be Android-powered or will it run on a different OS. Rumors of a Samsung smartwatch were confirmed in March 2013 and the company stated that it was working on a wearable device.

The company said that it has been preparing the watch for a long time and that it is working hard on it. Samsung added that they are preparing products for the future and the smartwatch is one of them.

Photo Credits: CBSI

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