HTC to develop exclusive operating system for China

Mobile phone manufacturing giant HTC is reportedly working on building a mobile operating system which will be available exclusively in China. The new operating system is expected to be launched later in 2013.


The upcoming operating system is also expected to have integrated applications which are often used by Chinese Web users, including service similar to Twitter, such as Weibo. These recent reports were revealed by people who are familiar with the matter.

In recent times, the company has been facing problems attracting customers in North America and Europe and in turn, its sales have been sluggish over the last couple of years. Meanwhile, China is considered to be a huge and potential market for any and all device manufacturers. With this in mind, HTC wishes to take advantage of such potential.

Recent requests from the Chinese government will be helping matters a little, as China-based companies have been told to develop their own software platforms, so that the country can reduce its reliability on Western companies. The current situation has iOS and Android dominating the operating system market. Cher Wang, the chairperson of HTC is working closely with the Chinese government in order to ensure the operating system hits on all the points needed by the government.

Photo Credits: The Next Web

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