Qualcomm to create wireless charging for electric cars

Telecommunications products manufacturing company Qualcomm has unveiled a new product last week, known as the Toq smartwatch, which charges without being plugged in. Now the company is all set to use the same technology on bigger and faster gadgets – the race cars.

Qualcomm to create wireless charging for electric cars

The Halo system of the company was acquired in  2011 and will now become part of the new FIA Formula E Race series which will begin from 2014, with events in cities including London, Los Angeles and Rome. The electric speedsters were built by the likes of  France’s Spark Racing Technology and will reach 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds and top out at more than 130 miles per hour on city streets.

For now, fans will have to wait for a while as by year two or three of the race series, Halo is expected to be ready. The system of Qualcomm uses a technology which transmits electricity between two coils resonating at the same frequency in order to charge the cars as they are racing. The pads on the road will transmit electricity to the autos as they zoom past.

So far, the only concern is that when the battery is drained, the vehicle has to be plugged in to be charged.

Photo Credits: Forbes

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