Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 850 for Windows platform


Qualcomm has been in news in recent times for building specialized chips for VR headsets and the Internet of Things apart from the wearable products and smartphone focused devices. The company has now unveiled the Snapdragon 850, a processor specially designed for the Windows devices. Qualcomm made the important announcement at the Computex 2018.

The new chip is expected to power the new generation of Windows on the Snapdragon devices that might be launched during the holiday season. South Korean giant Samsung announced that it will be making a 2 in 1 PC that will be powered by the newly launched Snapdragon 850. There might be questions regarding how the chip for the PC is different from the one on the phone. The answer is that there is not much difference.

Now that the Snapdragon 850 is meant to be used on devices which are bigger than the a smartphone including convertibles and laptops, it has the ability to run on higher clock speed without the problem of over-heating. The extra space available on the bigger devices allows better dissipation and all this happens due to the faster 2.96Ghz clock speed. The Snapdragon 850 is 30 percent faster than the 835 chip. The company has also optimized the new chip’s frequencies and software for PCs however the 10nm design of the processor is similar to the 835 chip.

But still the above improvements result in a noticeable quicker performance when compared to the Snapdragon 835 powered devices. A few tests found that the performance and multi-tasking was surprisingly smoother and responsive. The new chip can support HDR displays with 4K capture through the onboard camera. The presence of the new chip on a device will allow it to last up to 25 hours depending on the use. With the latest development, the Snapdragon remains a good and exciting platform for the users of high octane devices.

Photo Credits: anandtech

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