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Moto X to be offered for $50 with Verizon until November 18, 2013

Subscribers of telecom giant Verizon can now decrease the price of the Moto X from Motorola in half by purchasing it through the company’s Moto Maker Website. Usually, the device is available for $100 with the standard two-year contract, but now the phone can be bought for $50 until the end of November 18, 2013.


The deal can be found at the Moto Maker Website and while there, users can pick the front and back colors, in addition to an accent and they can add name or a personal message to the back plate, choose accessories and opt for a case.

At the checkout, they can select Verizon as their carrier and the discount will be automatically applied to the purchase. Shipping of the device will be done for free and it will be delivered to them in approximately five days.

Features of the new Moto X include a 4.7-inch 1,280 X 720 pixel OLED screen and 16 GB of onboard storage. The device was launched in August 2013 and the phone received good responses from users in North America. Reports have also said that the company was not able to sell many Moto X smartphones since its launch, due to which the company’s latest offering does not come as a surprise.

Photo Credits: Droid Life

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