Companies to launch more kid-safe tablets and smartphones

With the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones, companies are introducing kid-safe devices which provide more control to the parents on how the mobile devices are used. With such facilities the parents can be stress free and can be assured that the smart devices are not misused by the children.

kid tab

The move has been encouraged by Hollywood Studio Dream Works by introducing the Dream Tab at the consumer Electronics show in partnership with the California based manufacturer Fuhu. The tablet will compete with the French based Kurio, which has its own tablets on display at the Las Vegas show and is also introducing a kid-safe smartphone.

Fuhu is already a manufacturer of tablet designed for kids and is called Nabi. But the company will soon is expanding with the growing competition. It is teaming up with DreamWorks which is behind the successful movies like KungFu Panda, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon. The device will have programs to teach children how to draw their favourite characters.

The Dream Tab will be out on sale later this year in eight and 12 inch versions and will run on Android OS with some modifications by Fuhu. Kurio is also launching a smartphone which will include ‘geo fencing which allows the parents to know when the child leaves a designated area.

Photo Credits: PC Advisor

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