Samsung to unveil Galaxy Glass in September 2014

South Korean tech giant Samsung is expected to unveil its much awaited Galaxy Glass during the IFA trade show in Berlin in September 2014. The new device from Samsung – named Galaxy Glass – can be connected to a smartphone, is able to display call alerts and also allows users to listen to music.

galaxy glass

Not many details are revealed about the device, but some reports say that Samsung Electronics might collaborate with another Samsung subsidiary – Samsung Display – to create the Galaxy Glass. An official – on the condition of anonymity – said, “The new smart glass to be introduced by Samsung is a new concept of wearable device that can lead to an exciting culture of communication”.

The official went on to say that the new smart glass will represent their aim to lead the new market with proven capability and that the wearable devices cannot generate profits straight away. The official also said that steady releases of devices show their firm commitment as a leader in the new market.

In 2013, Samsung unveiled its wearable device, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the IFA and the company patented a smartglass-type device in October 2013. However, there is still plenty of time until September 2014 and there are chances that the company might change its plans by then.

Photo Credits: Geek

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