Smartwatches to monitor blood sugar levels

Very soon, your smartwatch might be able to detect blood sugar levels.

The wearable device market – still in its infant stages  –  is on a constant innovation trail, tech firms Apple, Google and Samsung are looking to turn wearable gadgets in to machines which can calculate blood sugar levels in the body.

blood sugar

Tech firms are hiring medical professionals to help them with creating wearable devices like smartwatches capable of measuring blood sugar in the human body.

Research firm ‘GlobalData’ said that the first round of technology might be limited, but after it is concretely developed and tested, the global market for blood-sugar testing is expected to plummet to around $12 billion by 2017.

Samsung was one of the first companies to develop wearable devices, but its success in the then market wasn’t much. However, since then it has been collaborating with developers to try different sensors and software combinations.

Sources have revealed that the South Korean giant is working to implement traffic Light system to their Galaxy Gear smartwatches which flashes blood sugar warnings.

Photo Credits: Hackaday

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