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Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 4 at IFA Berlin

Samsung could unveil much awaited Galaxy Note 4 at IFA Berlin.

There is an intense buzz surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 launch at this year’s IFA in Berlin, Germany. Though, the South Korean electronics giant hasn’t made any official announcement, its predecessor – Galaxy Note 3 – was also released at the IFA last year. This years IFA will be held from 5th-10th September and the Samsung group is one of the biggest contributors at the convention.

Note 4

The IFA – also known as “The Great German Radio Exhibition” – is an electronics convention wherein each year new and creative technologies from across the world are showcased.

Nothing has been revealed about the price of the Galaxy Note 4 as yet, but this is the premium phone and is expected to be at least £550 to $800, pushing it into the expensive range. 

Key Features of the Galaxy Note 4 – 

Screen size – the new Note 4 is expected to have a 5.9 inch screen similar to the HTC One Max and the LG G Pro 2 and a resolution of 2560 X 1440 QHD screen.

Camera – The device is expected to have a 20 MP camera compared to the 13 MP camera of the Galaxy Note 3.

Photo Credits: Galaxy Note 4

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