Now LG OLED TV only for $3500

While it is still very expensive, price of the new LG OLED TV takes a steep drop from $15000 to $3500.

After launching the world’s first OLED TV last year, LG have come out with its second-generation OLED – the 55EC9300 – at $3500. The TV will be on sale on August 24, 2014 at Best Buy. It can also be pre-ordered here.


Other LCD TVs from Samsung and Sony are not far behind this price range – $3000 for a 55-inch Sony LCD and $3300 for a 55-inch Samsung LCD – LG’s OLED TV is far superior with respect to its picture quality. In comparison to the other two TVs, the LG OLED TV has a resolution of 1080p and the Sony and Samsung LCDs have a resolution of 4k.

The first OLED TV that was launched last year, in partnership with Best Buy, has also received several price cuts. The new OLED TV has a curved screen so if someone does not want a curved OLED TV, the only option they have is to go with the 55-inch “Gallery” model which is $1500 more than the curved one.

The new model “looks better”, but apart from the addition of WebOS, there is not a very big difference between the successor and predecessor. Confirming this, a representative from Best Buy said, “but aside from the addition of WebOS we can’t see any major differences in specs when comparing the two on LG’s website. Both use LG’s WRGB OLED system and offer passive 3D as well as a panel that’s only as thick as a pencil at its thinnest point.”

The only other OLED TV maker, Samsung, has not come out with an OLED ever since its KN55S9C that came out last year.

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