Snapchat announces new features, emits tap-and-hold feature

Photo sharing application Snapchat has announced that it is all set to make a big change by removing the press-hold gesture that is required to view images. The users can now view the single Snaps and Stories with just a single tap.

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The development team of the apps said that the feature has been removed so as to save the thumbs of the users do not have to constantly press and hold for sometimes a few hundred seconds to see a story.

The news broke out with some confusion among the users on the social media as the users had to get used to the free thumbs again. Snapchat will also be rolling out another new feature which is the two-factor authentication that means logging into Snapchat that will have two layers. This new feature is important due to the earlier problems that it faced with security and hacking. In 2014 it was reported that millions of user names and passwords were leaked online.

Even the Snapcodes are getting an update as the users will be able to place a selfie at the centre of the code in the Snapchat logo so that friends can identify more quickly. Snapchat also has Add Nearby Feature that allows friends who are not yet Snapchat pals to quickly add each other when they are in the same place.

Photo Credits: timedotcom

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