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Samsung launches test drive with iPhone users

South Korean giant Samsung is looking forward to get its new phones to as many users as possible. The company said that it would give the iPhone users an opportunity to try its latest smartphone which is the curved display Galaxy S6 Edge + and the jumbo Galaxy- Note 5.

galasy s6

The new move will be a 30 day test drive during which the users will have a chance to try the new phones with a free data plan. The best part is that there are no obligations and the offer is not tied to a single carrier. The new program has been launched by Samsung with an aim to improve sales at a time when the excitement of the consumers over smartphones has diminished.
Moreover, the sales of iPhone and the decrease in the premium pricing has kept people away from purchasing phones from the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Samsung noticed a drop in the market share by around 4 percent during the second quarter which ended up in June 30, 2015.
The company launched the Samsung S6 at a grand event but failed to pick up in the market. It is still not clear how many iPhone users will get the opportunity to get their hands on the new Samsung device.

Photo Credits: forbes

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