Samsung Gear 360 to launch in US market

Gadget enthusiasts in the US can now get their hands on Samsung’s Gear 360 virtual reality camera. Samsung announced that it will begin to sell the camera in the US on a ‘limited basis’ for $350.
For the initial stages, the gadget will be available for purchase only this week at VidCon in Anaheim. The company has assured that it will share more details about additional availability later this year. The Gear 360 camera will allow the users to shoot their own videos for VR headsets. The gadget hit markets of Singapore and South Korea in April, 2016.
Moreover, Samsung has also launched a new initiative known as the Samsung Creators that will teach the filmmakers about how to make VR videos and use the Gear 360 camera. Samsung will provide seminars and classes starting at VidCon that will give information about the technology. The company will also launch a competition in July that will challenge the Indie filmmakers to create VR/360 content.
Ten users will be selected under various categories including fashion, culinary, music, science and tech, gaming and more. The technology of virtual reality has been a big push for Samsung after it partnered with the Oculus business of Facebook in 2014.

Photo Credits: cbsistatic

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