Tesla assures restocking of its wireless charger with discount


Smartphone peripherals manufacturer, Tesla had launched its wireless charger in August, 2018 but it soon sold out like hot cakes. However the company is now notifying its customers that it will soon be restocking its wireless phone charger and will also make it available at a discount. Reports say that the wireless charger will be returning to the online store with a discount of $15.

The electric car maker has said that it is manufacturing a large quantity of the wireless chargers due to which it has decided to give it on a discount. Some of the owners of the charger have been posting Tesla’s email about the charger on Twitter but the company is yet to give a confirmation. The device first went on sale on the Tesla’s official website. The device went on sale in August, 2018 for $65 and featured a sleek design similar to that of Apple and was available in two colors white and black.

The key feature of the device was its 6,000 mAh battery for charging with 5W output. However, the specifications are not unique as the users can also get larger capacity chargers with twice the rate of charging output for a less price on Amazon. But the users have to also consider the fact that Tesla is a brand and is also a wireless charger, so it does makes sense that it sold out fast. The device also has an integrated USB-C plug and USB-A port for standard charging.

Apart from its specifications, the device is also good looking. There is also a good news for the users, who had already purchased the device earlier. A message by Tesla has said that it will refund the current owners of the charger with $16 difference between the two price points. The company is yet to notify when the discounted device will be back in stock.

Photo Credits:Livemint

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